Our History

Yes, this building used to be Bricky’s!

Built in the 1920’s by a gentleman named Cy Brick, Bricky’s was a speakeasy during prohibition. For many decades after the repeal of prohibition, Bricky’s became a haven for young people to meet and socialize.

Although alcohol was legal to purchase at this time it still wasn’t legal for the age of this crowd.

There have been many interesting stories shared about the actions of individuals during this time (and many, even more interesting, stories not shared).

Bricky’s was part of a complex of buildings known then as Woodland Lodge. This complex included the small cabins up the road, a few out buildings, and Lee’s Log Lodge, which was located on the site where Slumberland now stands.

The ownership of Bricky’s changed a few times after Mr. Brick but continued to operate under the name of Bricky’s. In 1973, Anton (Tony) Gaetz and his wife Lorraine purchased the building and changed the name for the first time to Anton’s. During the first few years a small menu was offered and live house bands were featured on the weekends. (More untold stories evolved from this era, too). In the early 1980’s a full menu was developed and the live music was discontinued.

Anton’s has always been a family owned an operated business employing not only Tony and Lorraine but also all five of their children (Dave, Dan, Nancy, Toni, and Betzy) throughout the years.

The history of our building and its owners gives Anton’s the eclectic and interesting atmosphere you see today.

Note: Anton’s does not flood every year. This is a common misconception.